Wood and Steina Vasulka are, in a word, MotherFuckers. Video art pioneers since the early 60s, they’re still producing today. When they die and go to heaven I’m sure they’ll do lots of double dates with the Eames‘.

Pictured above are some excerpts from the amazing scan processor, in a collaboration between Woody and Brian O’Reilly. The infamous Rutt-Etra scan processor is a madman’s modular analog video synth and processing apparatus. Instead of controlling the pitch and duration of oscillators the processor controls location and coloration of raster tv signals, much like that of an X/Y oscilloscope.

Below is a modern video by Steina entitled ‘Warp’. A simple line delay effect is transformed into something amazing by an excellent performance. When you’ve been making video art for forty years I guess you know how to dance around in front of a camera.

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