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“Provincial School” – Ivan Maximov


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Ice Cream

Flash demoscene here I come…

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Pause Music

Pause Music (aka II Music) is a growing netlabel giving away huge amounts of video game music. Many big names are here, Alex Mauer, Disastepiece and Phlogiston, to name a few. Above is the cover art for the Bandlands release, … Continue reading

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The Exploratorium’s Harmonic Pendulum

I went to the Exploratorium this weekend, one of my favorite places in the bay area. It’s a humongous space featuring hundreds of exhibits demonstrating the world of science. There are earthquake sandboxes, motorized drum machines, human sized photo-reactive plates, … Continue reading

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Red Green Blue

Here’s my newest flash game, Red Green Blue, released on And, in time for Christmas, I’m releasing it with full source under GPL. I created it in FlashBuilder which is a FOSSĀ  development environment.

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Multidimensional arrays in AS3

Here’s a wrapper function that returns a 2d array with simple input. Doing 2d+ arrays in actionscript is a pain, because each Array() constructor only accepts the length for a single dimension. I put this in a static class called … Continue reading

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