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Noisebridge Hackerspace

KQED just released a great five minute intro to Noisebridge / the hackerspace movement: Further info including directions to the space can be found @ Advertisements

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Bash Curses Cancer

Just wanted to link this; it’s a great blog all about bash scripting

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System’s Twilight: An Abstract Fairytale

Andrew Plotkin’s graphical puzzle game System’s Twilight is one of my earliest memories of color on my mac. It features several unique spins on classic puzzles. All of the puzzles relate flavor-wise to the game’s setting, the internal world of … Continue reading

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Minecraft Distortion Effects

Modulate the vertical position via a sine wave based on the player’s position. Neat

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Backing up Minecraft

Here’s a tiny shell script I wrote to copy the current world to a timestamped folder. It’s relying on the fact that the third line of the file contains a ‘world name’ parameter. This lets me scoop based on … Continue reading

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