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Defrag – Quake in motion

Defrag is a mod for the now classic Quake 3 engine. It focuses on trick jumping and time trial races through a variety of maps. What makes the quake engine a sensible choice for racing? Strafe jumping is a type … Continue reading

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Title Pixels

For an upcoming game

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Kaxxt – _why the lucky stiff

Famous ruby wizard and educator ‘_why the lucky stiff’ removed his entire online presence back in ’09, ditching all his accounts and websites. The community pulled together and backed up just about everything, including his magnum opus the ‘Poignant guide … Continue reading

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Remixing my own stencil

Click to embiggen! Original form:

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Unit Math: Flipping and Looping

There’s a few common problems I come across in game programming that are solvable with a set of if statements. Things like looping values or determining if a number is positive or negative. I was always¬† a little uncomfortable taking … Continue reading

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Invent Your Own Computer Games

I cannot review this book under the most ideal circumstances as I have prior hobby programming experience, and recently some experience making games. However, I’m self taught and I highly value good resources to teach myself from. If I had … Continue reading

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