Defrag – Quake in motion

Defrag is a mod for the now classic Quake 3 engine. It focuses on trick jumping and time trial races through a variety of maps. What makes the quake engine a sensible choice for racing?

Strafe jumping is a type of glitched movement found in certain first-person shooter games. It takes advantage of the way the engine caps player speed. It’s a combination of movement keys (strafing), and subtle mouse gestures to direct the energy along a different vector than the direction the player is facing. Players in Quake 3 are normally caped at a speed of 320 units per second. Skilled strafe jumping brings that up into the neighborhood of 500!

A scene from w3sp's defrag demo

So, what makes this bug abuse beautiful and not just another geeky inhuman feat? It’s that strafe jumping offers a gradient of performance, a spectrum of possible results. A better twitch of the wrist gives floating-point gains to your speed, rather than being a binary ‘you’ve cheated successfully ‘ glitch. It means that even in professional competition settings, players can do surprising things (e.g. this fight between Rapha and Cooller).

Check out this fantastic defrag  demonstartion by w3sp for some beautiful examples.

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