Alex Handy is heading up the The MADE, a non-profit and soon to be museum for digital entertainment (aka Video Games). He’s got the right idea summed up in the MADE’s tenets:

a. The preservation of historic artistic works in the digital media.
b. The education of the public in the process of creation for digital works of art and video games.
c. The exhibition and curation of individual artists and creators, their works, and their biographies.
d. All exhibits should be playable: games are to be played, not viewed from afar or watched on video.

It’s the focus on creation and live display that makes this unique. There’s been a lot of talk about games as art and games on display as museum pieces, but all static content fails to describe what’s possible in interactive media. Secondly, displaying design documents and early versions of games does so much for the spirits of people who want to make games. The dominance of assembly line game production destroys not only the final product but removes the idea that games created by a single person could possibly be worth playing. In some cases, it seems to even remove the idea that people create games.

The MADE is in the final laps of getting funding, you can visit their kickstarter page and help financially, or join the mailing list and volunteer.

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