Cartoons! Cartoons! Cartoons!

Pluto chewing some gum

All I can think about lately is cartoons and animation, probably because of Smears, Multiples and Other Animation Gimmicks. It’s a wonderful tumblr dedicated to all the single frame moments that make cartoons look cartoony.

From “Get a Job” (Brad Caslor, 1985) As seen on

Probably my favorite thing in the last few months is this redrawn Mutt & Jeff cartoon that I found on Tusks Family Blog. Stylistically it’s square and animated to look like a 1920s comic, long before the squash and stretch of Tex Avery & Co became a standard. It is however, a cartoon entirely about FREAKING THE FUCK OUT:

A word of caution about the next cartoon: It may not be so funny if you have trouble with noise pollution.

Pluto and a bee steal some gum:

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